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14 Winter Skin Care Tips and Tricks

winter skin care

Skin care should be done in every season and always, but there are more problems related to skin in the winter due to which skin needs extra care. Then how to keep the skin good?
Through some home tips you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful in the winter.
But before taking care of skin it is important to know how the skin is . The skin is of 4 types – oily, dry, mixed and normal. Different types of prescriptions are needed for different skin care. winter skin care routine.

Take care of skin like this in winter

1.) In winter the skin becomes quite rigid and lifeless. It is important that the Moisturizer with vitamin E be planted. Wash the face with clean water and apply 3-4 times the best moisturizer on daily nights and in the day.
2.) People come to bath with hot water as winter comes, but keep in mind that the water does not get hot or else the skin becomes rusty.
3.) Minimize the use of soap in winter. Stop skin scrubbing if it is roughest as it will open the pores on the skin, but the skin will become too dry. Scrub only if the skin is oily so that it reduces the oil of the skin.
4.) Mix curd and sugar to make the skin healthy and soft in winter and apply it on the face and let it dry for a while. Then massage with light hands and wash them with lukewarm water.
5.) In summer, people often use sunscreens but do not understand this in winter, while the sun’s rays make the skin most harmful in winter. People often sunbathe and because of this skin tanning is also become lifeless. To avoid this, it is necessary to use sunscreen in winter.
6.) Cold or hot, drink plenty of water so that there is no dehydration. If the water is in sufficient amount then the skin will not be dead and the glow will always be there.
7.) Use the coconut oil to keep the skin soft and healthy. Coconut oil is not only useful for hair, but massage the body and face one hour before bathing regularly and then take bath. The skin will never be roughened.
8.) Mix glycerin, lemon and 3-4 drops of rose water to make a mixture and keep it in a bottle. Apply this mixture on face and body before sleeping on a daily basis, and wake up in the morning and take a bath with light lukewarm water.
9.) If the skin of hands is quite rougher, then for this, either dissolve lemon and sugar and apply it on your hands, otherwise mix honey and lemon and put them on hands and leave it for some time. Wash with lukewarm water for a while, it will benefit.
10.) The face mask of eggs and honey also helps in making the skin soft and healthy. For this mix a little honey in an egg and then place it on face, hands and neck and wash with lukewarm water after one or two hours.
11.) Regardless of any weather, skin needs to be taken care of, it is most important to eat balanced food. Drink enough water everyday Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. If there are winters then add plenty of carrots, spinach, Fenugreek, mustard and lemon. Drink juice
12.) Many people have already got skin, and in winter, such a skin becomes worse. Milk is the best tonic for the rustic skin. Whether you can mix it in any face pack or apply such milk on face and massage with a light hand. Wash with lukewarm water after about an hour. If you do this daily, then you will get the benefit in a little while.
13.) A basic thing that should be kept is to keep your skin covered with hot things like gloves, sweaters and scarves in winter. Put petroleum jelly, body butter so that the skin moisture remains intact and it does not crack.
14.) Mix 2 spoons honey with a spoon butter or a little lemon and honey and make a pack and place it on the hands and neck except for the face. Leave it for about half an hour and wash it with lukewarm water. Do this daily in winter. This will not only make the skin soft and healthy, but the color will also be white.

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