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An easy way to do waxing at home


In today’s time, there are girls or girls, women, or men all are engaged in doubling their beauty. For which they do nothing. Parlor goes to do make-up fashionable and do not know what to do? One of these is waxing. By which all the hair in the body is removed or removed.
By waxing, you can easily remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. After waxing, skin also comes in color. Because of the hair, the skin looks black and when it is removed, it becomes white. Perhaps you do not know, but the unwanted hair on hands, feet and face not only spoils your beauty but also reduces your beauty. Due to excess hair, problems like itching and rashes are also going to happen in skin. Which is why most women do waxing? Although waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair, but the cost of parlor and salon is also a problem. What if so? Waxing can be painful for you because  of a long gap. But do you know waxing can be done at home too? You do not even need to do anything for this. Just bring hot or cold wax to suit your skin from the market. And follow the method described below. This will save your time if you go to your parlor. Because you can do some other work in the time you spend in the parlor. That’s why we are going to tell you the method of waxing at home today. With the help of which you can easily waxing at home. This will also remove unwanted hair from your body and clear your skin. But while doing waxing, keep an eye on the fact that Wax buys your skin.


Wax is of two types: –

Hot and Cold

Hot Wax: – Hot wax is used on the body’s delicate parts. It is applied directly to the skin by heating it. But do not forget to install the talcum powder before applying it. This will make the hair soft and the pain in them will be less. After this, put the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. After that gradually remove that wax.

Cold Wax: – Use of cold Wax is useful for hands, feet and underarms. Cold Wax is applied directly to the skin. For this, put the wax where the hair is to be removed. Now put the Wax strips on it and stretch it in the opposite direction.


Keep in mind the following points of waxing: –

Waxing is as painful as it is worthwhile. That is why some things are taken care of during waxing. There is a lot of irritation during waxing and there is also a lot of pain. Also, while wearing wax, keep in mind that the hair which is waxed is moving in the direction. After this, put the wax in the direction of hair growth After that, put a cotton cloth or strip on the wax and press it. And drag them in the opposite direction. The skin color will also be waxed along with waxing.


How To Do Waxing At Home?

1.) Waxing can be done on any part of the body. Mainly use it to remove unwanted hair on hands, feet, eyebrows, lips, face, bikini area and underarms. Next we are going to tell the method of waxing at home, with the help of which you can do waxing yourself while sitting at home.

2.) For the waxing, first of all gather all the necessary materials. For this wax tape or strips, body scrub, body lotions and a cream to bring numbness.

3.) First of all, wash the body wash on the body with light hands and clean all the hair and make them soft. It will be easy to remove the hair.

4.) After that, place the drying cream on the place you want to wax. You will find these at any cosmetic shop. You will not have pain while doing waxing with this cream.

5.) You can also use snow in its place. But one thing to keep in mind is that during periods of 5 periods and menstruation, there should be no waxing. Because there is more pain during this.

6.) Now place the wax. Wax is of two types Cold and Hot, whose information we have given you above. After this, remove it with the help of any cotton cloth or strips.

7.) After washing the wax, wash that part of the skin with cold water. Do not forget to put oil after washing. By doing this the skin becomes more and more shine.

Benefits of Waxing: –

1.) After waxing the skin becomes soft. Apart from this, dead and dry skin also emerges.

2.) After having waxing, there is no hair loss and irritation in the skin. In addition, using hair removal remover cream of the market, the rash starts to fall on the skin, which is not from its use

3.) Wax gives small hair in the skin as well. So that the whole skin should look clean and good.

Using 4 hair remover cream comes blackness on the skin, which does not come with waxing.


Home Waxing: –

You can also make wax at home itself. For this, you will need 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, 11/2 cups of citric acid or lemon, one teaspoon glycerin.

Method: – To make Wax, put sugar on the gas to dissolve in water. After the sugar dissolves, add lemon juice to it. After thickening, remove it from the gas. Now add one teaspoon glycerin. Take your wax ready. But just after making one thing and wax, apply cold cream immediately after 5 minutes. Reduced redness.

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