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Best Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding

Bride Makeup Tips

In anyone’s life, wedding day is extremely important. Everyone takes care of this day in mind. Everyone wants that everything is perfect on this special day, there is no shortage anywhere. Bridal Makeup is most important because eve
When it comes to clothing, make-up and styling, months preparations begin to make your look special. Especially girls or future bridegrooms do not want to leave any job, but in the wake of excitement and outward appearance, some girls make such mistakes that the look gets spoiled in the special place.
Let us tell you some such information which, in meditation, is prepared, then really your beautiful look will be discussed on Special Day.


Choose the Best Beautician 

Choose the Best Beautician for a special day. Start taking skin treatment for about three months before and start spas and packs for hair as well. Talk to the beautician and treat him according to his skin tone and skin texture.


Make Make-up Trial

Before getting ready on the wedding day, look ready in a complete look. If there is any change in anything, then it can be time consuming. You will also get information about what is going on well with you.


Pre-bridal is also extremely important 

Take Pre-bride about 3 or 4 days before the wedding day, because facial glow takes three days to come, and after getting the Eye Brow, it seems to be in its exact shape only after so many days. During a beauty treatment, if any place has become red or somewhere rashes, then it also gets cured within so many days. Many girls take Pre-bridal a day before, which is wrong.


Keeping the dress in mind, make-up and hair

If you are preparing yourself or in the parlor, but should keep in mind the make-up and hairstyle dress. The choice of dress is obviously that skin tone will be done only by keeping in mind. Before finishing the dress, watch it and wear it.


Special look is not anymore

While doing make-up keep in mind that make-up has to look beautiful on you. This concept is absolutely wrong that the bride’s make-up should be dark. Too much dark makeup also spoils the face, as well as a very sparkling look or a bright look, and also the white spot appears in the photo. Therefore do not use Shimar too much in make-up.


Keep not only the face but also the rest of the part of the meditation

Keep in mind that even with the make-up on the face, the skin is uniformed by putting foundation on all the places where the neck, waist etc. are being highlighted. Thereby, the face is different in the photo and the neck and hands are not seen separately.


Diet and Routine

Keep the diet and routine Carefully improve your diet chart three months before the wedding day. Fruit and juice everyday Drink too much water as well as a natural glow on your face. Sleep early at night and early in the morning, the dark circles of the eyes will end and you will feel healthy. Make exercise even a part of your routine.


Make-up product selection

Even if you are getting ready in the parlor, take your make-up product. Get ready to list the beautician already, what is the requirement. Makeup products should be waterproof or mineral, which should stay longer. Also, take good beauty of the company, so that your skin does not suffer any harm.



Do your best to keep your selection of jewelry in mind. You can have trouble wearing heavy ornaments in weight, so choose jewelry that is heavy to see but weight loss. It is difficult to wear nose nails, ears earrings, etc. for a long time.



Keep the accessories of some touch ups together even after you are ready. The blessing session is very long, so take care of whoever is with you, say that wherever the make-up spreads, it can be corrected. Especially with lipstick, it is so much that Nath is repeatedly hitting around again and again.


Also, keep meditation-

1.)  Choose the foundation according to your color. Use a tone light foundation from your skin.

2.)  To make big lips slim out, line out the inside of the lips and apply lipsticks and make thin lips out loud to make it outline on the outside of the lips.

3.) If the eyes are small then to show bigger, make the liner slim on the front and keep it thick like the back and blink. This will make eyes look bigger and longer.

4.) If the neck is small then make the blouse’s throat shampoo, which will make you look thin and neck too long.

5.) If high is low then make hair style high and wear veg heel. The foot will be difficult with the tip of the heel, because the wedding work is not for two hours.

6.) Keep the make-up balanced even if you are cute. Do not lay the foundation on face for looking more blond.

7.) Primer must be done before making makeup base. The primer keeps the make-up set and lasts longer.

8.) Eye Makeup – We should also take care of face makeup along with eye makeup, if the eyes are beautiful, then the face gets different on the face. To increase the beauty of the eyes, the use of the eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and mescal should be used. Eye shadow should be put in the eye make-up first, it should also be match with the color of its dress. Applying a deep dark ice sheet, the face also attracts the face. For the shadow of the skin, the light pink color or the skin color of the eye shadow looks good.
After putting the eye shadow, we should put liner, if the eyes are to be dark, then both the liner should be put down and the eyes look great. If you do not feel like putting a liner on the bottom, you can also apply mascara.
Now we have to set a mascara, it requires a lot of caution in applying it, I can make a make-up worse if you do anything too early. Mascara should be applied on both sides of the eyes. After making eye makeup, we should darken our eyebrows with the help of the Iro pencil. After making eye makeup, four faces of our faces are beautiful.

9.) Use of Blush – Blushing should be applied to face when facial makeup is complicated. To apply a blush, one should smile lightly and then the blazer should be placed on the raised part of the cheeks. Do not put too much dark blurs, brown color for shadow skin and Blucher of pink color for the skin of the skin.

10.) Lips Makeup – Now the turn of the lips, without the beauty of them, our makeup will remain incomplete, the lipstick is essential for the make-up of lips. Every color lipstick is available in the market, according to your dress and skin, you should use the lipstick of your choice. On the lips itself, it is necessary to prepare the base as the face, lipstick should be applied only on the lips, Lines are hidden. After this, line out the leap liner, should not go out of the lips while the leap liner starts, after which lipsticks are applied to the lips. Nowadays Mate and Long Lasting Lipstick come, you can choose them according to your need.



While making makeup, we should keep in mind the hair style and dress in addition to our face.
We should dress nail polish according to the color of our dress. If you want to go to the party in the day, make-up should be light, dark make-up is also good in the night party.
The dress that has been dressed for the party should be done only after wearing it, makeup too good And to change the dress, make-up will not be bad. Makeup is such a thing without which our beauty also seems to be faint. Makeup is a very important role in the development of our personality. With good makeup, we can make ourselves beautiful. After coming from any party, we should not wash the face down, but make-up with cleaner should be made with the help of cotton.

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