5G, AI technology will change life-level in 2019 Technology 

5G, AI technology will change life-level in 2019

Brian X Chan, Consumer Technology Writer Envision a future where you will never be distant from everyone else. Notwithstanding when your companion is on an excursion for work or your kid is far from the mid-year camp, you will dependably have somebody or something to converse with. In the first part of the day breakfast, you can request that the microwave warm bowl porridge. In your vehicle, you can request that stereo play music or melodies of the 90s. Also, when you go to the workplace, ask your cell phone,…

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Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Defination and briefing Artificial Intelligence is the ability of computer to move forward the industry to digital world. It helps to create the intelligent machine or controlled robot to perform daily task intelligently. Artificial intelligence act like human intelligence in problem solving, Speech recognition, Learning and Planning. Research belongs with artificial intelligence is truly energetic and technical to perform the query. AI (artificial intelligence) is similar version of human intelligence processes by tools or you can tell by computers. Examples of AI technology : Machine learning ,…

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