Why new year is celebratedFestival 

Why new year is celebrated

New Year

The new year has been celebrated because it is believed that the New Year began to accept the place named Bebelin about 4000 years ago. And this new year to be celebrated on January 1 is based on the Gregorian calendar. But it started with the Roman calendar. This time, the new year of the pearl Roman calendar starts on March 1, but the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar had changed this calendar in 46 years BC. And after that he added the month of July and the month of August in the name of his nephew. Since then, the New Year has been celebrated since January 1.

In the Hindu religion, the beginning of the new year has been recognized by the Shukla Pratipada of Chaitra and according to Hindu religious belief, Lord Brahma started creation of creation on this day, hence the beginning of the new year started from this day. And on this day the new year everyone started to celebrate. In India, different dates are celebrated all over the New Year in India.

Where and when is celebrated

Mostly this date is read in the months of March and April. And in Punjab, the new year is celebrated as Vaisakhi on April 13, but people of the Sikh religion celebrate New Year on the second day of Holi in March, according to the New Year’s Calendar. And people of Jain religion celebrate that New Year on the next day of Diwali. And this new year begins with the next day of Lord Mahavir Swami achieving salvation. However, most people throughout India celebrate New Year on January 1 even if it is a person of any religion, New Year is celebrated in India on 1st January.

Celebrate New Year, Read 5 Tips

1.) Every year, you celebrate New Year with your close friends or friends, but in this year also include those who do not ever celebrate the New Year’s celebration. Ever celebrate by visiting some slum areas, orphaned aliens, or even in such areas, you will also find some people happy with you, you will also feel good about this event.

2.) Instead of celebrating one day, do some plan that can give you happiness all year and really new year is good. If you want, make a few plans for a year with all the people present in your party, including fun, walking, social service and some good work.

3.) Why not do something new? Start saving with nature, set new year, and plant some new ones. Every member of the house planted a plant and celebrated his happiness. You can also bring some new members in the house besides planting. If you wish, you can keep their names or make friends with them. Believe you will feel spirituality and inner happiness too.

4.) Going to the outing is a great option for new year celebrations. It will also help you to make new Every time you go out with friends, then make plans with the family this time, it will be a good way to refresh all the members.

5.) If you want to celebrate the New Year by staying at home, theme based party is also the best option. You can choose the theme you want, and decide the task for all the members. Apart from this, there will be some games in the party and your fun will be doubled.

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