Xiaomi Mi Router 3C Launch in India, Price: 1,199Technology 

Xiaomi Mi Router 3C Launch in India, Price: 1,199

China’s cell phone producer organization today propelled the Wi-Fi Router 3C with passage level Redmi 4 cell phone in India. Xiaomi has propelled this switch with Rs 1,199. It’s an essential switch with a splendid limit that empowers you to control it using the Wi-Fi application. I can download the Wi-Fi application from the Google Play Store. Switch will be accessible available to be purchased on Mi.com/in from May 20. Aside from this, it can likewise be purchased from the Mi Home Store, which will be open in Bangalore.

This switch works at 2.4GHz Single Frequency. The principle highlight of Mi Wi-Fi switch 3C is that it has four outside reception apparatuses. Xiaomi says that the receiving wire has been given to guarantee quicker, upgraded and increasingly stable association. Alongside this, the reception apparatus has been utilized to fortify associations from long separation. With the help of the IEEE 802.11n convention, the switch can give greatest accelerate to 300 Mbps.


Mi Wi-Fi switch depends on 3C MediaTek MT7628N chipset. Alongside this it has 64 MB RAM (DDR2) and 16 MB locally available capacity. Xiaomi claims that this switch can interface with 24 gadgets and 64 IOT gadgets. This enables me to interface a gadget, for example, shrewd camera, air purifiers and m water purifiers.


Xiaomi Mi Router 3C plan and specification

Worked from ABS plastic, the Mi Router 3C is light at only 241 grams and looks very decent. For a gadget that is for the most part overlooked in some side of your home, we should hand it to Xiaomi for the structure. The Xiaomi Mi Router 3C does not require a great deal of room so it’s anything but difficult to press it in anyplace It’s solitary accessible in white so it likely does not blend with gadgets.

There are four reception apparatuses at the back of the switch that can be balanced. The Mi Router 3C is one of the main switches in this value range to have four receiving wires, and we trust this helps support the range and by and large security of the association. Like most minimal effort switches, these radio wires are non-removable. Around the back, we have a recessed reset catch, two 10/100 Ethernet ports, one WAN port for your Internet association, and a power delta. In the front, there is a solitary LED that changes shading the base is vented to keep it running.

The Xiao1mi Mi Router 3C is a solitary band 802.11 b/g/n switch working at 2.4GHz. It underpins a most extreme Wi-Fi speed of up to 300Mbps and has 16MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM, which is a considerable amount for a switch in this section. For the situation, you simply get the switch, a power connector, and a customer manual – there is no Ethernet link. The Mi Router 3C keeps running on Mi WIFI OS which depends on the open-source OpenWRT stage.


Xiaomi Mi Router 3C interface and execution

Setting up the switch is an exceptionally straightforward process. When you have your Internet line in the WAN port (either straightforwardly or through a link or ADSL modem), the Mi Router 3C will consequently set up the rest. To sign in and change settings, you can either guide your PC program to miwifi.com or download the Mi Wi-Fi application for Android or iOS gadgets. You’ll take a snappy setup process where you’ll set a secret word for the Wi-Fi (you can change the switch administrator secret word later), and you’re good to go.

If you need to utilize the versatile application, you must sign in with a Xiaomi account so your switch can be gotten to remotely. This might be somewhat of a security chance, yet it enables you to control and screen your switch from anyplace on the planet. The Mi Router 3C has a standout amongst the most attractive UIs. It’s spotless and efficient on the landing page, you can screen what number of gadgets are associated and see subtleties like their MAC and IP addresses and for to what extent they have been associated. You can undoubtedly cripple a gadget’s association, and the switch is associated with that gadget if it endeavors to interface again later the primary page likewise demonstrates to you how much transmission capacity every gadget is expending continuously, with a simple to-get a handle on shading coded pie graph.


You can screen the all-out upstream and downstream data transfer capacity, CPU utilization, and capacity. There’s a helpful speed test alternative that demonstrates the speed of your association. The settings page gives you a chance to name your Wi-Fi organize; shroud it if necessary; select the working channel; and limit the flag quality (which is set to the most astounding naturally). You can likewise empower a visitor login and set a transfer speed limit for this through the Advanced Settings page.


In the Security settings, you can boycott explicit gadgets or make a whitelist. In case you’re the most extreme security cognizant, you have the choice to include their MAC addresses. The Mi Router 3C will occasionally check for firmware updates, or you can likewise streak it physically as well. Our test unit was a Chinese unit, so we expected to finish a touch of blazing in English. On the Advanced Settings page, you can oversee QoS (Quality of Service). Here, you can abandon it at Auto or set the need to Game, Webpage or Video Streaming. You additionally can appoint settled IP delivers to explicit gadgets in your home, and you can set up port sending and VPN Access.


The application stipends you access to these capacities, alongside some extra controls. The main tab demonstrates to you the status of every gadget lives. You can see the status refreshing as they interface and detach, alongside the data transmission everybody is expending. You can even confine download and transfer speeds for every gadget here, or square sites for explicit gadgets (although there is no real way to do cover boycott of a site), which additionally works for HTTPS sites. On the other hand, you can restrain a gadget with the goal that it can just access a lot of whitelisted URLs, which is a decent type of parental control.


There’s a modules tab which gives you a chance to set the QoS, refresh the firmware, plan a reboot, and timetable hours when the Wi-Fi is crippled. You can likewise give other individuals a chance to screen the switch’s traffic and firewall status, if you give the application consent to get to your telephone’s contacts. One of the applications just highlights is Wi-Fi Boost, which breaks down your flag quality, transmission capacity, and Wi-Fi quality, and will naturally change to another channel if necessary. You can likewise get a notice alert each time another gadget associates with the switch.


We didn’t confront any serious issues amid our audit period. It needs a touch of clean, as a portion of the English isn’t constantly deciphered well, and there are minor glitches that manifest, like the pie catch in the status menu, not continually refreshing to the present dissemination of data transmission between associated mischievous.


The Mi Router 3C performs well with most of the gadgets, which incorporate an assortment of workstations and cell phones. For our speed test, we had the switch wired to a host PC while we were duplicating information to an alternate Wi-Fi associated workstation at various separations from the switch. We utilized a solitary 1.39GB record just as an organizer of photographs of generally a similar size, to test ceaselessly and arbitrary speed. We got a steady record exchange speed of 5.6MBps and irregular document exchange speed of 5.3MBps when we were in a similar live with the switch. At about 15m, with several glass and wooden parcels in the objective workstation and switch, our ceaseless exchange speed dropped to 2.7MBps while the arbitrary document exchange speed dropped to 2.06MBps.


To the extent video gushing is concerned, the Mi Router 3C offers sufficiently tolerable range so that buffering time is insignificant at goals under 720p. When utilizing a workstation in a room around 10 meters from the switch, with a divider and some glass parcels in the middle of, despite everything we figured out how to stream a 1080p YouTube record. Be that as it may, avoiding ahead in the video presented some buffering time. We had a relative contribution with Amazon Prime Video also.


It’s difficult to beat the Xiaomi Mi Router 3C at this cost, as it conveys great highlights, a valuable going with application, and great execution. We had utilized some more LAN ports the same number of switches accessible today something like three or four This purchased not be an issue for the people who will basically interface with the switch remotely yet could be a confinement. We additionally wish that Xiaomi had incorporated a USB port as it would have made it conceivable. The firmware needs some minor changes, which we will be taken off in future updates. All things considered, on the off chance that you are hunting down a crucial switch that does not hold back on highlights then the Xiaomi Mi Router 3C is a decent alternative at Rs. 999

Value: Rs. 999

Get Here


Entirely reasonable

All around planned firmware and application

Great range



  • Just two Ethernet ports
  • Remote administration application requires a Xiaomi account

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